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Asking ways on getting pregnant after miscarriage is a sign that you are ready to try again. But are you really ready to get pregnant again after the devastating miscarriage? Better take it slow rather than add up to your cause of depression. Have a second thought and consider important factors stated below. Thinking over with these factors in mind will definitely be your way to get you ready into getting pregnant after miscarriage.

1. Emotional state. More than the physical state is the emotional shock and stress you encountered after the miscarriage. Many women are afraid to try getting pregnant after miscarriage because of fear that they might lose another angel again. No matter how they try it, it is really difficult to try again when you are still in grief.

So take your time to mourn or grief. Cry if you want to and think about your lost baby. Be sad if that will make you feel better—at least, you`re facing the reality. Ask your husband as well about how he feels. Talk with each other and encourage each other.

When you`re finally over your miscarriage, then that is certainly a sign that you are ready to try again, at least, emotionally.

2. Your body. After a miscarriage, your body has also suffered a lot of stress—stress trying to conceive a fetus and stress when you lost it. So even though you are emotionally ready already but if your body is not yet, then you still have to wait.

If you want to make most of the time, then you can conceive with a boy or a girl after miscarriage when you`re fertile again. Having your first menstrual cycle after the miscarriage is a sign of that. Meanwhile, some doctors suggest that you wait at least after three menstrual cycles before you try again. But it really depends upon you.

Your body becomes more fertile after miscarriage, which is a great timing if you want to try getting pregnant after miscarriage. You can take advantage of this or not depending on how ready you and your body are.

3. Miscarriage cause. Why did you have a miscarriage? If miscarriage was caused by fetus abnormality, then better take some folic acid. Taking folic acid before you try getting pregnant after miscarriage helps in preventing birth defects.

Some miscarriage, on the other hand, is caused by low progesterone level. Enough progesterone is needed to support your growing baby. Your body produces this hormone in the first twelve weeks until the placenta takes over. If your body can`t produce enough progesterone, you better take supplements to do it for you. Do this before trying to get pregnant and in the early weeks of pregnancy.

Ask your doctor how you can prevent miscarriage before trying to get pregnant again. You`ll help lessen your chances to get miscarriage when doing this.

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